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Ethiopia. Record 1 music of the Ethiopian Coptic Church., tawāḥedo béta kerestiyān., YaʾItyoṗyā ʾortodoks, and Jenkins Jean L. , Unesco collectionAnthology of African music ; [vol.] 4, 1965?, Volume [vol.] 4, Issue Bärenreiter Musicaphon BM 30 L 2304, Kassel, p.1 sound disc, (Submitted)

Edited for the International Music Council by the International Institute for Comparative Music Studies and Documentation.Historical and technical notes by Jenkins in English, French, and German ([9] p. : ill.) on and bound in container.N1 - HOLLIS no. 007941996

Ethiopian biblical commentaries on the prophet Micah, García Rodríguez, Miguel Angel. , 1999., Volume Bd. 52, Wiesbaden, p.viii, 343 p., (1999)

Includes bibliographical references (p. [341]-343).N1 - HOLLIS no. 008375629

Evangelium Iohannis Aethiopicum, Wechsler, Michael G. , 2005., Volume vol. 617.t. 109, Lovanii [Louvain, Belgium], p.xliv, 210 p., (2005)

A critical edition of the Ethiopic version of the Gospel of John.Includes bibliographical references (p. xlii-xliv).N1 - HOLLIS no. 009974871

An excerpt from Sëriñ Muusa Ka’s poems, Ka, Sëriñ Muusa , Touba, region of Diourbel, Senegal, p.1, (Submitted)
Excerpts from an Islamic medical book written by Sëriñ Souhaibou Mbacke, Mbacke, Sëriñ Souhaibou , Touba, region of Diourbel, Senegal, p.8, (Submitted) Abstract
Excerpts from an old bilingual Murid newspaper from the 1980s, Unknown , Ziguinchor, region of Ziguinchor, Senegal, p.12, (Submitted) Abstract
Excerpts from poems of Imam Muhammadu Sakhir Guèye, Guèye, Imam Muhammadu Sakhir , 1964, Malika, a suburb of Dakar, Senegal, p.24, (1964)
Excerpts from poems of Sëriñ Muhammadu Laye Ndir, Ndir, Sëriñ Muhammadu Laye , Malika, a suburb of Dakar, Senegal, p.10, (Submitted)
Excerpts from the poems of Sëriñ Muusa Ka, Ka, Sëriñ Muusa , Touba, region of Diourbel, Senegal, p.27, (Submitted) Abstract
Faransikan sila sudun kno sebesun do, , ????]., Guinea?, p.54 p., (Submitted)

"Nouveau syllabaire."N1 - HOLLIS no. 009837528

Father's Letter to Son, , Saint-Louis, region of Saint-Louis, Senegal, p.1, (Submitted)
Fenota geʾez : (zamanāwi), Wa/Yo., Fantā Yāréd , 1986 [1993 or 19, ʾAdis ʾAbabā?, p.[13], 177 p., (Submitted)

Includes bibliographical references (p. 177).HOLLIS no. 009591247

Fidal nāy dabtarā tārixāwi mehzon belḥāten : ʻāsarta madraxāt meteʻererāy, serʻāta-fidal Geʼezen kelta zeʼānfatu, ʼātagabāberāʼu ʼāb Tegreñān, Gabraʼiyasus., Yeshāq , 2002, Asmara, p.82 p., (2002) Abstract

Includes bibliographical references (p. 79-81).HOLLIS no. 009432310

Fóloningbe dofó 1800-1882, Kanté, Souleymane, 1922-1987 , 19uu, Guinea, p.23 p., (Submitted)

HOLLIS no. 009917888

Formal approval of the birth of a youth Murid organization, Mbàkke, Shaykh Muhammadu Lamiin Baara , Touba, region of Diourbel, Senegal, p.1, (2009) Abstract
Gadla hawaryat., , 1994]., Ethiopia?, p.172 p., (Submitted)

Cover title.N1 - HOLLIS no. 010302578

Gadla samāʻetāt, Gabramāryām., Gabrayoḥanes, and Waldu. Deméṭros , 1994 [2002, Addis Ababa, p.211 p., (Submitted) Abstract

In Amharic.Translation of Ethiopic manuscript which had transcribed Greek and Syriac texts of the 5th and 6th centuries.Cover title."Yakātit 1994 ʻā.me."HOLLIS no. 009594943

Gadla ʾabuna ʾEsṭifānos Zagwindāgwindo, Ethiopia), Dabra Garizān Māreyām Gadām(Monastery: , 1996 [2004, Ethiopia, p.168 p., (Submitted) Abstract

Reproduction of Gadla Estifanos manuscript found in the monastery of Zagwindāgwindo Dabra Garizān Māreyām Gadām.In Amharic (Amarigna, Amarinya) and in Ethiopic (Geez, Ge'ez, Giiz, Ancient Ethiopic).Includes bibliographical references.N1 - HOLLIS no. 009707145

The Ge'ez Acts of Abba Esṭifanos of Gwendagwende, ʼEstifānos, zaGwindāgwindo, Saint., and Getatchew Haile 1931- , 2006., Volume v. 619-620.t. 110-111, Lovanii [Louvain, Belgium], p.2 v., (2006)

Includes bibliographical references (v. 111, p. [iii]-v) and indexes.N1 - HOLLIS no. 010261305

Geschichte der Galla : Bericht eines abessinischen Mönches über die Invasion der Galla im sechzehnten Jahrhundert, la-Gāllā., Zēnāhū, and Schleicher, Adolf Walter 1854-1894 , 1893., Berlin, p.42 p., (1893)

Parallel texts in Amharic and German.HOLLIS no. - 006543069

Ge̳ʻe̳z : classical Ethiopic, Weninger, Stefan. , Languages of the world. Materials ; 01, 1993., Volume 01, München, p.50 p., (1993)

Cover title.Includes bibliographical references (p. 44-50).N1 - HOLLIS no. 004758739

The Great Asmara - Chapter 3, Mugane, John, and Diakite Boubacar , The Great Asmara, 03/2012, Volume 1, Addis Ababa, p.4, (2012) Abstract
The great manuscript, Hutchison, John , July 2010, Kilu, p.34, (1854) Abstract

we missed the cover. destroyed

Guide de lecture et d'écriture en tifinagh vocalisées, Elghamis, Ramada., and pour la promotion des tifinagh. Association , 2004, Agadez, p.53 p., (2004)

Cover title.HOLLIS no. 011411175

Hate : yelen bada kunbe, nalimun fa kan sebe di., Kanté, Souleymane, 1922-1987 , 1997., Guinea?, p.54 p., (1997)

Title translation: Cheers! Light has broken, or the languages of our father became written.N1 - HOLLIS no. 009918968

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