Karangbe ni Kumaden

Karangbe ni Kumaden

English Translation of Page 1

It is time to write a specific book on the pedagogy and the new Nko teaching methodology for teacher. This has been long awaited by the learners and teachers of the language so that it provides a new impulse to the teaching of Nko in our countries and elsewhere.

Now is a great opportunity because Nko is now being taught in big universities and institutions around the world. To meet this opportunity, I have taken on me the task of writing the book in the following ways:

1- To teach how to read and write based on the name of a known object through images and videos. To teach the alphabet in an easy way and to increase the content throughout the time is a good way of teaching native speakers of the language.
2- To know reading and writing through drilling on the alphabet to teach how to compose syllables, word and sentences. This is also a good way for new learners. This is also a good way for him to transfer knowledge from first language to the second language.
3- To write a reading book for the students of the language and to teach the culture attached to the practice of the language. To produce dialogues and to diversify the topics.
4- To teach the grammar of the language since a language is a set of linguistic rules and these rules are different from one language to another. Teaching the set of rules (grammar) of the language through a consistent book is a must.
5- To teach the phonetics of the language, which deals with the tones necessary for the understanding of the language is also an important component of the teaching process. Each word is with its tone that differentiates it from all the others. When the words follow each other, they affect each other’s tones as well. These affections follow a certain set of rules, which are taught, separately from the grammar.
6- To teach a language also requires using new techniques such as providing listening and video tools. For all these reasons, I want to write this book to fill the gap following the following steps: To start with showing images. To talk about the images in writing and to increase the content in time.
May god help us!
Baba Mamadi Diane

African Language Program at Harvard University